Google Indexing API

Google Indexing API is code based process. There are some plugin and code available.

The Indexing API allows any site owner to directly notify Google when pages are added or removed. This allows Google to schedule pages for a fresh crawl, which can lead to higher quality user traffic. Currently, the Indexing API can only be used to crawl pages with either job posting or livestream structured data.

We are SEO specialist in Australia for our clients we prefer automated Google Indexing API. Below are simple steps. contact us for seo consultant or assistance.

1. Create a service account

Create new project
Save project

2. Once service created click on 3 dots than click on ‘Edit’ link

Edit google service account

3. Create key (JSON recommended)

4. The auto download will initiate once the key created. json allows access to your cloud resources, so store it securely. Learn more

JSON key

5. Click on ‘View domain wide delegation client id’ to check the service account email. This email is also mentioned in your JSON key file with name ‘client_email’.

service account email

6.  Goto to API Dashboard

7. Select your project what you have created from top right drop-down. 

select project

8. Search of ‘Indexing API’ and enable indexing API

search api
enable api

9. Verify site ownership in Search Console. Verify your service account email into webmasters. (See point 5)

9.1 Select your project

9.2 Goto settings -> click on ‘Users and permissions’  -> click on ‘ADD USER’ blue button on the top right side.

9.3 Add service account email (See point 5) into Email Address field

google indexing api code

Helping URL