Full package [Server maintenance, Backups, Site maintenance, Digital Marketing, Add products/feature ]

Server Setup with AWS (if required)

  • Setup AWS Server [https://aws.amazon.com/free/]
  • setup Ubuntu 16.X (operating system) + nginx server
  • PHP 7.X version (wordpress latest version)
  • Setup RDS database
  • Setup vesta control cpanel [backup, FTP, domain management]
  • nginx web server
  • php-fpm backend server
  • bind9 dns server
  • exim4 mail server
  • clamav-daemon email antivirus
  • spamassassin email antispam
  • cron job scheduler
  • For security:
  •  iptables firewall
  • fail2ban brute-force monitor

Site optimisation, maintenance, Add new product/feature in website

  • Update new version of (WP) PHP code
  • Clean up code (remove unnecessary code)
  • Add CDN for images ( flicker )
  • optimise CSS, HTML, JS, DB
  • Optimise and cache all pages
  • Improve site performance and speed.
  • Will remove unnecessary JS and CSS and WP functions for optimisation
  • server beverage, Enable gzip compression

Digital Marketing Strategy (Plan of Action)

On Page Optimization

  •  Website Analysis
  •  Competitor Analysis
  •  Goals Assessment
  •  Keywords Research
  •  Meta Tag and Description [Recommendations]
  •  Page Title Tag [Recommendations]
  •  check toxic link
  •  keywords in H1, H2, H3 in side page   
  •  image name should be on keywords
  •  no broken links
  •  XML Sitemaps creation and submission in Google Yahoo Bing
  •  Checking of Broken Links
  •  ALT Tag Optimization
  •  HTML Optimization and Modifications
  •  Anchor Text Optimization
  •  Robots.txt Modifications
  •  Meta Verification Code Installation
  •  Google Analytics
  •  Webmaster Installation


Off Page Optimization

  •   Directory Submissions
  •   Manual Submissions to handpicked database of directories with good alexa ranks and page ranks
  •   Submission to TOP Directories from relevant categories like Dmoz, yahoo Directory, Jayde etc.
  •   Submission of subpages to top Directories
  •   Press Release Submissions
  •   Press Release Publication and submit to top PR sites each PR like PRLog, SanePR, Prweb etc.
  •   Categorized perfectly and personalized service with all manual submission through experts.
  •   100% manual. No automated software will be used to perform submissions
  •   Detailed report on Press release submission
  •   Free Blog Setup
  •   Free Blog setup on platforms like WordPress, Blogspot, Tumblr.
  •   Blogpost Writing & Publication
  •   Article Submissions
  •   Articles Manually promoted to TOP Article sites Each article like ezine, goarticles, article dashboard etc.
  •   Our experts will register with each article directory, verify email and then submit article for you.
  •   Detailed report where your article has been published
  •   We do all the article submissions manually
  •   Classifieds ads
  •   Blog Comments
  •   Forum postings and Blog comments – High Traffic forum sites
  •   Creating the login id with main and relevant sites
  •   Making the posts in the relevant thread, blogs with your Website URL
  •   Maintaining the posts
  •   Social Bookmarkings
  •   Creating the login id with reputed sites like digg, delocious, StumbleUpon, Technorati.com
  •   Book marking the relevant, theme based sites
  •   Making the book mark popular in famous sites
  •   Digging & Maintaining the sites



  • share link on facebook, twitter, linkedIn, pintereste, stumble, tumbler
  • share link instragram, google plus, dig, digio
  • In starting paid likes on facebook
  • create banner on the bases of current event and post Ex: new year +4 days – 4 days


  • 2 Blogs Per Week


  • Collect 10 images and modify as per nature of business.
  • create video using above images with proper relevant title (upload on youtube)
  • Create PDF using about images with proper relevent title
  • Add one post, using video <iframe youtube, about text and links, featured image, title, seo keyword, meta keywords, <h1><h2><h3> bold, Italic, Blockquote, Ordered List
  • post this link on social media: pinterest, redit
  • answer on quora and post: https://www.quora.com
  • post on blog spot as per above point

Email campaign

Send effective newsletter to subscribed user.

Our strategy changes time to time we will update points to you according to this.