Create a custom Twig filter in Drupal 8

Create hello_world folder in modules/custom/ folder with the following files,

1. // It would contain following lines,

    arguments: ['@renderer']
    class: Drupal\hello_world\TwigExtension\RemoveNumbers
      - { name: twig.extension }

2. src/TwigExtension/RemoveNumbers.php It would contain followings in that:

namespace Drupal\hello_world\TwigExtension;
class RemoveNumbers extends \Twig_Extension {    

   * Generates a list of all Twig filters that this extension defines.
  public function getFilters() {
    return [
      new \Twig_SimpleFilter('website', array($this, 'removeSpecialCharcter')),

   * Gets a unique identifier for this Twig extension.
  public function getName() {
    return 'hello_world.twig_extension';

   * Replaces all numbers from the string.
  public static function removeSpecialCharcter($string) {
   // write your code logic
    return preg_replace('#[0-9]*#', '', $string);


Enable the hello_world module and clear the cache, then you could use the “website“ filters in your twig file. ‘Clear all Cache’ from this url:
{{ twig-value | website }}

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