Convert Website Visitors Into Customers

In today’s world website designing is a easy task as compared to previous few years. But only making site and putting data is not enough for making a good market.

Today we will tell you 6 important steps through which you can convert website visitors to paying and happy customers.

So let us start

  1. Testimonials – Add testimonials to your website as it helps in building social proof that make trust of visitor on your site.
  2. Video – Having a video on your website homepage helps in increasing your chances of conversion by 75-80%. So, you must have a video on homepage.
  3. Speed – If your website is too slow to load specially on mobile devices, you will loose approx 7% customers each second as your site lags to load. So, maintain your site speed.
  4. Design – Having a website with a landing page design helps in conversion. You should think about where to place the video, where the contact form is placed and mainly the content placement all matters a lot. So, think about it.
  5. Your business brands – You should place the a genuine about us and the achievements. You can make it a major display on your site, it actually works. Moving on to last point.
  6. Give them a reason why they pay you – You can tell them that on an average our customers get hours and hours of services when they work with us or provide the service that makes you on a higher node from your competitor. Give them a compatible reason that help you to convert visitors into paying customers.

So, these are the 6 key points that help in conversion.

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