SEO, A Digital Media Process

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO), A digital media process

As you all are familiar with the word SEO “Search Engine Optimization”, in this digital media is also a important process talk for web is sharing steps so that you can know much about SEO and can do these steps without any obstruction and ease. This digital media process involves many steps. Let’s start with it:

  • Step 1- Select the topic for which you want to make a post.
  • Step 2- Find images related to that topic.
  • Step 3- Make a video with the help of images.
  • Step 4- Upload the video on youtube and make sure that you write description about that video and also add tags to that video, publish the video and copy the embed code on a text editor.
  • Step 5- Make a slideshow with the help of above images on google drive and make it public.
  • Step 6- Start writing the post on you admin panel by going on post>add new post, after adding new post write the full post adding description and details about that topic.
  • Step 7- Add the embed code that is copied on the text editor to the post.
  • Step 8- Add google slide url that is shared in google drive to that post.
  • Step 9- Make a pdf for that post and add to the post.
  • Step 10- Publish the post.
  • Step 11- Open google blogger and write the same post on it and also add your site url.
  • Step 12- Write the same post on google business site and also mention your site url at last.
  • Step 13- Share these post on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Path and Tumblr.
  • Step 14- Now open Pinterest, upload images related to that post by making a board and add pins to it.

*make sure that these work should be publicised and should be shared from a common google account.



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