Create WP theme using scratch – a beginner guide

As we all know that designers and developers have been unconsciously partial towards WordPress based themes for not just one but several reasons. The amount of flexibility, and power it offers to the developers when they have to create WordPress theme.

So, today we will share that how to create WP themes using scratch

  • first of all create a folder inside wpcontent naming theme or mytheme
  • next you have to make a file naming style.css
  • in that file edit and write


Comment i.e. theme name:”    ” and author name:”   ”


  • now go to appearance>theme in wp back end i.e. inside wp-admin>appearance>theme
  • your theme name will be shown, now you need to place a logo for that theme
  • go to wpcontent file wp content>theme>upload new   this will upload a image for your theme
  • now moving on to header files first create a file named header.php inside wp content>theme>header.php
  • now paste the html code in header.php file that you want to place as header in your theme
  • create file naming bootstrap.css and bootstrap.js inside theme folder and upload the css and js provided
  • as to move file url

< ? php echo get template directory uri ( ) ; ? >

  • for images make a zip file and upload
  • moving on to footer create file naming footer.php inside theme folder wp content>theme>footer.php
  • paste the html code provided for footer
  • now moving on to front page create a file naming front.php
  • edit file

< ? php get_header ( ) ; ? >


comment – the front page template file


< ? php get_footer ( ) ;

these are some basic steps that are been discussed by the team of talkforweb developers, sydney

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